Friday, February 12, 2010

For Betty

Before I knew you, you were a proud member of a fun loving family.  Leona, Fern, Dad, and Mom were a bunch of goofy buggers who laughed regularly.  Rumor has it that it came down through the Stokes side, but I remember a pretty funny time or two with the Fronks as well.

When it's getting to be spring and a baby is outside in her hot rod stroller, a sexy chapeau, and the sun is shining, how could she not be happy?  Can't you just hear a little shriek come out with the giggle?


Now put the same little girl in the same park in the same sunshine some year or so later.  Now the little dickens can run, and look at her go!  I think I see the same little shriek giggle face as she tears across the grass.

 OK, so it ain't all roses.  Sometimes you stumble, or just plain get too tired to be the life of the party.  Sometimes you have to sit in the grass and recuperate. A smile is all the stronger after you relax those muscles with a pout.

Then comes the time when she emerges as a fashionista, the Divine Miss B.  How could a hot chick with a revealing sun suit, sexy sunglasses, and shoes to die for not smile in the sunshine?  Is it the sunshine or the attitude and smile that are the common factor here? 


Eventually the happy baby becomes a feisty little stinker with a mind of her own and a frisky attitude.  One can see the little darling is as full of shit as a Christmas goose!


Fast forward several years, and take my word for it, you still got it, Baby!  During the years betwixt and between, we still had some crazy times and we've laughed ourselves silly, blown beer/Kalookie out of our noses more than once.

We're just resting our cheeks now, getting ready for the next hoot. There will still be times when our drinks and noses are in mortal peril, and we will tip over sideways in our chairs, since we're too old to tip over on the floor like we used to.  We can teach the young whippersnappers a thing or two about how to enjoy the world and all its splendors.  Then we can race to see if any of us can make it to the bathroom in time. 

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