Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Note

I went out on this frigid, freezing, windy, deceptively sunshiney day to take park pictures.  The poor box elder trees are dying.  I know it's true because they are hollow from stem to stern. They are very pretty trees, so it is a shame, but some are harboring wildlife!  More than bees like the tree up by my house, I mean. See if you can spot the critter!

The guys have rebuilt the picnic shelters and tables by the pond and they have done a super job. Could I just point out the ice on the pond?

Do you see what I mean about deceptive weather?  It looks positively springish.  When I came back to work from lunch, I thought it was pretty mild, and maybe I would leave my coat in the office for the photo op.  I wavered, and decided to err on the side of warm because you just never know.  

We drove up on the lawn and almost all the way to the pond.  I thought that was a little silly.  It wasn't THAT far to walk over to the picnic shelters, then over to the trees and stumps.  

I bailed out of the truck, inhaled once, and my nose hairs froze.  A delicate little breeze turned my eyeballs into ice cycles, and my lips refused to close.  It took me ten minutes to make my fingers work the zipper to close my coat!  

I took my pictures and tried to walk casually back to the truck so I wouldn't look like  a complete woosy chic, but boy, was it hard.  We got in the truck, that was gloriously warm, and headed back for the office.  The soothing sound of Salsa was about half pleasant.  

Salsa?  The song finished, and sure enough,  he was listening to a Mexican station.  I didn't complain, because it sounded really nice, but I did have to ask.

He said, "It's nice music, they never play the same song twice, and they don't have freaky announcers.  Beats anything else that's on these days."

I think he was right.  Hasta la vista.


  1. Loved your story!! I felt the cold and am impressed with your stamina!!! The criter in the it an upside down deer?

  2. Why, yes it is a deer/antelope/horned thingy!