Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

I'm ready for a good summer storm.  There should be lots of rain so it makes the gutters run crazy.  Lighting and thunder are a must,  and it should go on all day long and into the night.

I like storms more than the average person probably.  I like weather that does something. I want a gully washer! a turd floater!  We've been dry too long.

When I was young, every house had a ditch in the front.  Ours had a single concrete slab set at a drunken angle that served as a bridge.  We would wait until it was raining pitchforks and race from the front porch (which was really the side porch) out to the bridge and back again to see who got the least wet.  It got harder to tell as the trips out and back added up. We kept going until we were soaked to the skin and laughing like loons.

Then, after the rain, the world looked like it was brand new.  Colors were brighter, lines were crisper, and when the sun came out everything sort of twinkled with raindrops.  It kind of made you want to keep going to see what's next.

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  1. I agree!! I hear everyone talking about how much rain they are getting and I see random drops & a rainbow...I feel gypt!