Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School

My first day of school was in 1959.  In those days, kindergarten was only held for a couple of weeks in the summer and then they chucked us directly into first grade. Back then the ABCs and counting were taught in school instead of an entrance requirement.  

Mom made us each two new dresses for school.  My grandkids find that hard to believe, because they have wardrobes that fill the laundry baskets to overflowing. They only wear a couple of things, but they own thousands.

This was our first day of school in 1962-ish.  I was in third grade and Betty was in sixth.  I was wearing a hand-me-down dress with a portable collar that came from another sister who wore it about 1952-ish.  Things lasted then.

 My Katie Belle is still a standard model first day of schooler.  She likes to look nice and has pretty mild taste.  She is a couple of years older now than I was then.

 Then there's our Bay.  The last couple of years she has been a silent wallflower, but this year she bloomed.  She is loving life and has lots and lots of friends.  She has a friend, Joe, who is as eccentric and happy as she and they are a joy to be around.

Her big brother is in love and it is very trying.  He sneaked out before pictures this morning.

 This, however is the man of the hour.  Today is his first day of school EVER.  He worried on the way over to the school about missing his family while he is there.  His parents helped him find his cubby, his seat, and his supplies, then stood off to the side for a while.  Mommy kissed him goodbye and he gave her the "Oh. You still here?" look.  He'll be fine, better than she will!

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