Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cousin Richard

Meet my cousin, Richard.  

This is a man with oodles of gold medals from Special Olympics, a RED motorized chair, and an indomitable spirit.

He stopped by Missy's house yesterday on his way home from Walmart to see if she would spray his hair black for Halloween.  She suggested waiting until today, and I went to supervise.  He and his mom live just around the corner from me.

He doesn't drive, so he was thrilled when he got his chair.  I told him he has to stop hot rodding it or he'll get in a wreck.  He drives very fast.  It made him laugh. 

We took the project outside so we didn't get paint where it wasn't supposed to be. He covered his face with a towel, and the spraying began.  He loves his cousins.  His cousins love him.

Missy told him he looked 20 years younger!  It suited him to a T.  She didn't even end up with much over spray.  

The question is: why did he want his hair black for Halloween?  Well, he had two costumes and threw the banana over for . . . .

ELVIS! He, like any other normal, red-blooded American, loves Elvis.  He even has a kareoki machine to sing along.  He said if he could sing better, he could pick right up where Elvis left off, because now, with the costume, he can wiggle.

Richard will turn 65 on November 5th. You better write that down.

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