Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Best Part of My Job

Today I got to go take pictures for work. I sneaked a couple of them in just for me, and I'll show them to you. I'd show you some of the work ones, but I don't know the protocol of that. They were all taken in public areas, so that isn't an issue, but I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize the funnest part of my job. These three little canaries were on the lines WAY up in the air. It was hotter than hell on Sunday, and there they were, 30 feet in the air and snuggled up like they had good sense.

At the Sheepherder Convention, MJ was thrilled to get a good picture of a black and white dragonfly. I'm going to call her to tell her that around the whole photo op area today, the black and white dragonflies were as thick as gnats and as big as small dogs. The only thing there were more of were little blue dragonflies.

I liked this guy in particular, even though he isn't a black and white. I think that's his wife off to his right and a little above. If you'll notice, he's missing a pretty good chunk of his arse and the other one looks pretty satisfied. Don't you think?

Can you see the butterfly? It's disguised among the flowers and the baby teasles. Teazles? Prickley things. I always wondered if teasles were renegade bull rushes or their own species. I know now that they are a species all unto themselves, because I saw a whole herd of baby ones today in my travels.

Do you also see the water? I hate the water. There were times today that I was very close to the water and so was my little green Jeep. This is not a good situation. In places the path was very narrow and not a vehicle trail at all. In places the path was very narrow and there was water on both sides. OK, one side was swampy, but I saw standing water and senior citizen bull rushes from last year. That means water!

I was all alone, a lousy backer upper, and I couldn't call and cry for someone to come drain the reservoir and get me away from the water, so I forged on. After the work begins on the area, I'll be going back again, and I'll be taking more pictures. Maybe they will let me put them on the work web site. I'll let you know.

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  1. These pictures are just wonderful! You have a very artistic eye!