Saturday, July 4, 2009

This is not me. This is my sister, BJ. A picture of me might scare small children, so I won't put one on just now.

My other sister, MJ, has been blogging for some time, and is pretty good at it. Again, this is not me. I may get good at it; then again, I may not. Time will tell.

I've been reading my favorite blogger daily and faithfully for some time, and this lady is VERY good. I have no ambitions to go that high, but I might want to say something. I need to get out a little.

I am 57 years old, married, grandmother to a fluctuating number of children, and a native of northern Utah. No, I'm not a Mormon, but they are my history.

I love my family's history, handwork, taking pictures, and gadgets. I have to work at least five more years before I can consider retirement. With any luck, I won't be laid off before then. Working for a municipality is a little more stable than some, but nothing is safe these days, even after more than 15 years.

I suppose I should explain the picture. Yesterday my two sisters and I ran away to be sheep herders. We didn't take husbands, kids, or grandkids. We all wanted to work out our fancy cameras, but I wanted to take people pictures. Scenery is nice, but you can see pictures of scenery any old where. I like people pictures. Being the troupers they are, they posed for me.

You know, 20 or 30 years ago it would have been a breeze to do the things we tried in the places we tried, but our centers of gravity have made serious readjustments. The posing didn't turn out quite how we expected, but we sure laughed a lot.

After we finished traipsing all around the countryside, we went back to BJ's porch and mulled over our circumstances and then waded in the irrigation water. Did you know that in Utah, we say "airigation"? We also say "harse", "harmone", and "crick".

Do you know what made me finally blog? I'm a listener. I listen to everyone else, and no one but BJ or MJ has ever really listened to me. When I talk to people, I think, "What are you doing? This person doesn't care an ounce about what you have to say." Generally, I'm right. So I'll blog. No one ever has to read it, and I can say what I want. I can relate stories about my dad, or tell about my experiences as a hippy, or even express an opinion or two. I can even tell BJ she is too damned old to be climbing trees!

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