Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sheepherder Convention

One day a few weeks ago, MJ and I were bemoaning our lack of "me" time. We decided then that we should run away and be sheepherders. That must be a good thing, because that is what our dad told us when we were little. When things got hectic, he would announce that he would soon be running away to be a sheepherder.

If you think about it, it isn't a half bad idea. The solitude must be wonderful. Said herder would only have the sheep to worry about, and we had no intention of bothering with sheep. We did have to let BJ know so she could come with us. That's what sisters do.

We had a lot of fun acting like we were still 16. BJ and I are considerably farther from 16 than MJ is. The really funny part was when our bodies told us "Ththththththththth! You are old broads and we don't move like that anymore!" We pushed, but in the end the old bodies won out. They simply refused to do some of the things we were asking of them.

We had a good time, took a lot of pictures, and made plans to do it again soon.

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