Friday, July 17, 2009

Princess vs Punk

On the day the big girls went to have Auntie M take pictures, the little girl was feeling left out. When one is 9 years old, those 14 year olds think one is a baby. They tend to run off or shut themselves away and do big girl things that for some reason can only be accomplished behind a closed door with no one younger anywhere near. We said, "To heck with those teenage punks. The Princess and her mom can have pictures done too!"

See? The little girl isn't really all that little. Girls of all sizes and ages need to have pictures taken every now and again, and the secret is location, location, location.

This is the front door of a real log cabin -- the Knudson cabin. It has been moved twice in its long life: once from where it was built to Pioneer Park, and the second time from Pioneer Park to the Community Center. The Community Center used to be Brigham Young Park and it is where he made his last speech.

Then again, maybe the cabin was picked up by a tornado somewhere in Kansas and dropped in the middle of . . . . . . . . . . . .

Munchkin Land! Don't you think we should check the side of the house for the ruby slippers? The hollyhocks were so colorful and the little yellow flowers were beautiful. Mom and daughter looked like two more pink flowers on the grass.

After a few hours and a few locations, princesses, moms, and photographers were getting a little tired and a lot hot. We found one last favorite location and caught the evening sun at its brightest.

Hey, look! This could be the little girl who lived in that log cabin. She could have lived there with her parents and 14 brothers and sisters, all stacked up like cord wood in the winter. Then again, maybe not. Maybe it was just the little girl, her parents, and their dog. Maybe they didn't have any punk teenagers.

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  1. you are getting really good with your pictures! My favorite is the last one-reminds me of one I've seen before :)