Thursday, January 21, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

We are a family who love to laugh.  We get it from our parents, grandparents, and others who came before us. Laughter lifts the heart and warms the spirit.  If one of us takes a prat fall and the others aren't there to witness, we'll call with all the gory details. It takes a long time to tell these stories because we are laughing our way through it.

We've always been close sisters as children and as adults.  We have the adult bonus of discovering how fun the younger kids in the family can be. We've raised our children together, and now their children can be friends.


The best thing I've discovered in a long time is how fun it is to spend a day with the sisters.  It gives us a chance to be kids again and recharges batteries like crazy.


 When we were kids we had a whole neighborhood of other kids, and we played until we dropped.  When we were teenagers we were goofy hippies.  When we were parents we raised our children to laugh and love each other.  Now we're old and . . . we still like to laugh.

These are some of my third generation laughers.  They are another close group of sisters and brother.


The laughter and love are what sustain us when things aren't funny.  The thought that one day we will be able to laugh and be goofy again may help us survive tragedy. As long as we have each other, we can do most anything.

Did I tell you about the time I fell on my back like a turtle with my feet stuck in the air when all I was doing was putting papers in a box under the table?  It was a riot!

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  1. I love this missive and wish you and your sisters were here at our place--with all that lovely laughter. Meantime, I think I'll go stir up some giggles somewhere (maybe as close as under this turtle-friendly table!)