Sunday, January 10, 2010


Once upon a time, photographs were major productions, as this one of my grandmother with her parents and sister. 

Skip a few generations, and it got easier to take pictures, but the color wasn't always reliable.  This one was displayed and the light faded it badly. 


Those previous little honyocks (sp?) grew into these big ones and started producing honyocks of their own, and photography moved through the 70s.

I haven't been playing as much with my camera and pictures and editing software lately, and I missed it.  

My little honey's bangs have grown so long that they go below her eyes.  We haven't seen her eyes in weeks.  Yesterday she was lying on the floor playing with the dog, when I noticed her eyes.  I made her momma run for the camera, and she was a good sport and let me take some pictures.  That was only half of the fun.  

I edited two pictures into the five I posted here.  I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I put them all on.  The other kids won't hold still long enough, and the dog only has one expression and bloodshot eyes.

The black and whites still have her eyes in color, but it's hard to tell because they are a greyish greenish color.

Playing with pictures is very diverting. I said "die-verting" with an English accent because I think it sounds cool.  If done correctly, photo editing is a sort of Mayberry trip.  

We need die-versions lately.

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