Monday, July 26, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah

The garlic contest is done for another year, and Hubby took third place.  That's perfect for us.  Of all the entrants, only Arnold, Jerry, or Clint take first place -- ever.  They are getting about half tired of it.

It was an understated party this year, and that was also perfect for us.  Pa is getting on and only came out into the back yard because they made him.  He stayed for about half an hour, then had the good sense to go back inside to the swamp cooler and his book.

We visited a little and headed for Appleby's to eat.

Getting started.

The winner and still champeen - - - Jerry!

Third place is still in the money.

Pa enjoyed bits of the party at least.

I had to throw this in.  If I'd waited a 100th of a second, I could have captured an excellent smile. The light was metered the way I wanted it, so it was good.

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