Friday, July 16, 2010

Camera Training

I've been studying my camera manual.  It's high time that I found out just what it will do and how to do it.  There was a time when I could read and absorb and retain instructions without a second thought, but that time is long gone.

Pioneer Woman and Miz Booshay have taught me all I know about photography, and it ain't much.  This is not for lack of trying on their parts, but more for brain blockage on mine. Their cameras of choice are Nikon, and mine is Canon.  They are all amazingly generous with information on their web sites, giving full details on their photos.  Under each instructional photo they list f numbers and ISO numbers and exposure, and all that other stuff that doesn't mean a thing to me.  

I have a camera that does everything a camera should do and I use it as a point and shoot.  Now I have more time on my hands and my memory banks are emptying out, I'm determined to give learning my camera another try. 

Yesterday my little book told me how to go about changing all the stuff the ladies talk about on their web sites.  Today I need to find out what the settings do and try a few out.  That's the beauty of digital photography - thousands of photos don't cost a red cent.  Scroll through, choose the ones that look good, trash the rest.  

 These are more testers of AEB (automatic exposure bracketing) and they all have something in common.  Look closely and you will figure it out.  They were all taken from my regular vantage point, on my arse in my chair!  No one who knows me would doubt that.  

AEB is down pat, and I need to move on to something else.  I also need to get my arse out of the chair.

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