Wednesday, July 7, 2010


There are two things about me that anyone who has spent more than a day with me recognizesThe first thing is that I am stubborn.  We aren't talking about a delicate reluctance that will occasionally rear its dainty head, but a full-on, bullheaded, heels in the dirt, obstinacy.  

The second thing is that I hate change.  If you can imagine change in any form, whether it be good or bad, keep it away from me. The two things fit hand in glove, and each feeds the monster of the other.

When affronted with the inevitable, change, there is only one course of action to be taken and that is to go to sleep.  It is the only logical conclusion.

I didn't want UTOPIA.  Big deal if it's a fiber optic network.  My internet worked just fine.  The City torked me off when they agreed to support the stupid thing, putting future generations in debt.  Our tv/phone/internet bundle was just fine, and we'd had it for years.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  I didn't want to support UTOPIA, and I didn't want to switch providers.  Period.  Full stop.

Honey wanted UTOPIA. Since he gives me my own way on 98% of issues in our marriage, we have UTOPIA.  

They came to hook us up yesterday, so I went to sleep.  Although I'm a marathon sleeper, they still weren't done when I got up.  That ticked me off too.  

The end of the story is:  we have UTOPIA, we have a new provider, and now we need to figure out how to do everything all over again.  I'm going back to sleep.

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