Monday, July 12, 2010

The Second Monday of My Exile

This place is really undergoing a reorganization.  It's great.  The kids cleaned the garage, got rid of a lot of garbage, added shelves, hooks, and other sorts of hangey-uppey things.  That made it possible to move the mops and such outside into the garage, opening another area for more shelves, quadrupling our closet storage.

THEN, Shawn moved the water softener to the other side of the water heater, using an empty and generally inaccessible 16 square feet-ish and freeing up more area in the main part of the room for - - - shelves!  Moving the water softener was a Herculean effort accomplished mainly by Shawn and burly grandson Chris, while Sarah and I got in the way. 

Now my front room is marvelously clean, the kitchen sparkles, the bathroom walls are clean, the garage is shining and organized, the laundry room looks great, and life is good.

I changed laundry day from Sunday to Monday so the weekends can be free when Rex goes back to work.  It will also help avoid conflict with Sunday barbecues.  Besides, my mom washed on Mondays and ironed on Tuesdays. 

I have projects stacked up for the last 20 years or so that I have just been waiting for when I have the necessary time to devote to them.  It would seem that time could be now, if I wanted it to be.  I'll have to take an inventory and prioritize.

Right now I have a pair of socks, three shawls, and at least two cross stitches in various stages of completion ranging from at least 10 years ago.  

It's time to get off my arse and accomplish something productive.  Hmph. Like that's going to happen! 

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  1. If you all run out of things to do there your more than welcome to come attack my place lol