Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harry Redoux

When our little man was two years old, Santa brought him a Nimbus 2000 broom, a wand, a golden nitch, and Harry Potter glasses.  His daddy was a Marine far away in Japan on deployment at the time, so we made movies to send to him so he could share Christmas with his family.

Last week Mommy found the CDs and they watched home movies for hours.  Bigger Little Man took some convincing that the little usurper in the movie was him.  The broom is still around to play with three years and more than a lifetime later, but the snitch, glasses, and wand have gone the way of all heavily used toys.  

Since then, there has been a heavy resurgence of Harry Potter playing around this house. The bigger kids have real wands, but they are collector type items, and the little plastic wand bit the big one years ago.  Mr. Wilson's rose bushes produced beautiful long stemmed roses this year that were turning into rose hips, so I went over and clipped four or five of them.  With the leaves and thorns removed from the stems, they made ideal wands.

The kids and Harry Potter have progressed in the three years that have passed.  They have more spells to cast now than 'Eat slugs!'.  Did you ever wonder what an invisibility cloak looks like?

 Wonder no longer.  This small person that you do not see coming through the front room doorway is wearing his sister's newly converted invisibility cloak.  It also does service for a dementor, but leave us not be fussy.

This is a closer view of an invisible guy taken to test spot metering.  I can see how it would have possibilities in different applications.  Can't see Little Man, can you?

Ronald Weasley needs a bigger cloak if he's going to be invisible.

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