Thursday, July 8, 2010

On the Other Hand

This is going to be another fun-filled day.  We have to go to Logan to get a tool box this morning, then to the doctor to get Honey's cast off, then to Layton to drop off old tv/internet equipment and eat at Red Lobster.  This is not my idea of retired bliss.  

On the other hand, it's still cool in the morning, and if I have to be in the car, the canyon is one of my two favorite drives.  The other one is out through Honeyville.   We don't have to go all the way IN to Logan, just on the canyon side.  That's a plus, because Logan traffic is as bad as Layton traffic, which is a nightmare.  We won't think about Layton at this time.

Our canyon isn't like Oregon or Washington, or even Wyoming canyons.  We have very few pines and only some brush and trees, but it's still very nice to look at.  These mountains tell me I am home.

I especially like them in the spring.  Everything is new and green and fresh.  We may not have forty shades of green, but we have lots.  Driving through the canyon is a trip into 150 years ago.  

On the other hand,  I sure like the mountains in the summer.  It is always cooler in the canyon than it is in town.  The poppies bloom in the field, and rodent critters run all over the place.  Nut cakes are out on the reservoir water skiing, and fisher persons are fishing.

On the other hand, my very favorite time to go through the canyon is in the fall.  The fall colors are fabulous.  Warm days and cold nights make it a joy to be alive.

On the other hand, you can forget about the canyon in winter.  The roads are slick, people drive too fast and kill each other, and it's 120 below.  

I'm glad, since we have to go, that we are still kind of spring-ish, with summer and fall yet to come.  I could do them over and over again.

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