Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Those Girls

I took friend pictures yesterday of my granddaughter and pal.  They are 15 and ready to begin exploring the world.  They have loads of energy, they love to stand out in a crowd, and they are willing to try just about anything.  Scares me.

They totally love what they call the Punk Wall. (See? I used 'totally' in a teenager post!)   It is actually two walls that have been graffitied.  They are at an old quick stop type store that has been closed up for years.

It kind of reminds me of when I was 15.  That would have been 1967 -- do the math.  I met my first hippies that year. They were heading through on their way to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.  They were much older than I was, but they were very friendly.  They were the epitome of the hippy culture in the beginnings.  Aztec and I exchanged letters for the whole summer.

Aztec and his friends would have been blown away by this picture.  They would have thought it was groovy.  If Aztec is still alive, he is either a lawyer at the top of his profession or a dumpster diver burned out on acid.  Perhaps a lawyer burned out on acid?

 At any rate, these girls are getting ready to take on the world.  They spend hours on hair and makeup, they giggle over boys, and their fingers and phones are in permanent text mode.  They swoon over those pale boys on the vampire movies, mini-lust over rock stars, and plan their activities for the best exposure.

Then they come home and rearrange their Bratz dolls.

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