Monday, July 5, 2010

The Johnson Brain Trust

We always said that between us, we sisters had a brain.  It's God's honest truth.  I've noticed over the years that sometimes we share, and sometimes one or more of us go without and the other(s) pick up the slack.

Such is the case with my camera dilemma.  Remember?  I was trying to follow simple directions to set up my camera to do the three exposures in a triple burst thing?  Well, Betty read the book, just like I did, and figured it out.  It must have taken all of 30 seconds.  After that, they figured out how to do the same thing on Missy's camera. I say "they" because I'm evidently not firing on all cylinders lately.

The object of the game is to take this:

and turn it into this:


 Into this:
And this:

Into this:

I realize it begs the question, "Why?!" But they say art is for its own sake.  (That was pitiful, wasn't it?)  I particularly liked the one of the baby that turned out looking like he'd done the breast stroke in the coal bin.

Sisters and their troops had come over for a picnic/bubba q that went pretty well yesterday.  The kids made pulled pork and some brought salads, some deserts.  The little ones played, the big ones laughed, and a good time was had by all.  The main plan of the party didn't have anything to do with the 4th of July, as such.  It was to help Betty get through her first anniversary without her husband.  She said it helped.

Grandpa and I went to bed early, as usual, and the kids did their fireworks.  My little guy came into the bedroom part way through the show to get me to hold his hand while he went potty.  He's had visions recently of a slimy monster coming out of the bathtub drain to get him while he's in there alone.  It's only common sense, under those conditions, not to be alone in the bathroom. 

It's good to have one's family close.  It makes it possible to share a pleasant Sunday afternoon, to know someone cares, and to have safe receptacles for the community brain cells.

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